We believe in knowledge as a powerful weapon to defeat physically stronger rivals. We are our teams, our players and our fans. Together we are stronger. We are all One Team. We live the whole being much greater than the sum of individuals. We believe in unity and teamwork as the way to achieve greater success. We never give up. We will try to accomplish our objective for as long as there’s an opportunity.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards in sports management. We aim for great performance. We strive for preserving the purity of sporting spirit and values. We believe that the first step to greatness is honesty and humility. We believe in leading by example. We never demand from others what we don’t do ourselves. We believe in imperfect leadership. The greatest leaders are not afraid of failing. On the contrary, they recognize mistakes as the best learning experience for success. We believe that the end does not justify the means. The right means will lead you to the right end. We are driven by fairness. We make fair play our reason for being.


We believe in the power of basketball to integrate communities. We stand for unity and respect. We reject all discrimination, be it based on age, sex, religion, disability, race or the group someone belongs to. We condemn violence of any kind, no matter the reason. We say #NOTINMYHOUSE. We fight for equal opportunities for every human being. We are committed to our teams, to our fans, to our partners and, above all, to the communities where we operate. We believe in fair business, always putting people first.


We believe that progression is opportunity. We encourage creativity and innovation. We believe in younger generations as the main drivers of change. We stay humble and hungry for improvement. We require ourselves to be continuous learners. We believe in boldness and braveness as an attitude of progress. We are never afraid of change. Every change brings new opportunities


We put passion and devotion into everything we do. Passion does not guarantee success, but it guarantees a higher probability of success. We understand failure as a great opportunity to learn and improve.